We answered the most popular questions about the service. If you didn't find the answer here, we'll be glad to help you by e-mail. Write us to info@bookexpertonline.com
We connect people who are looking for services provided by trustful Experts in different areas. Also we connect people to make easy online or phone consultations with lawyers, mortgage advisers, accountants, coaches, psycologists and other consultants.
After the registration, you will get a confirmation by e-mail. Your account will be activated after authorisation.
Follow these easy steps to post your Enquiry:
  1. If you have an account, you should log in. If not, you will be registered automatically.
  2. Go to Get Free Quote form.
  3. Answer a few questions and submit your Enquiry.
  4. You will receive offers from several Experts. Compare prices and choose the best offer.
You need to register or to login if you are an existing user. Choose the Expert, the service you need, and make a booking.
Our website is absolutely free to use for everyone. We do not have any hidden fees. All prices for services are provided by Experts themselves.
When making a booking, you are required to pay a small deposit fee, which is included in the Expert’s service price in order to confirm the reservation.
Experts are required to provide certain information when registering on BookExpertOnline.
The information is always checked to ensure that all registered experts are fully qualified.
Please email info@bookexpertonline.co if your account has not been verified within 24 hours.
Becoming a partner is easy, sign up Here.
Enter your details in the registration form.
Create a service(s) and your account will be activated within 1-2 business days. After that you will start receiving emails/sms messages when we have clients for you.
We have network partners nationwide, but sometimes when our partners can't staff the case or the case has specific requirements, we reach out to other specialists in that area.
Check the case description, if you can potentially staff the case, click «Accept Request» and you will be advised to create a Partner account. After that you will receive the client's contact details for direct connection.
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